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Any Chance He Got

Title:Any Chance He Got
Author:kliquekills, aka sunsetpoet over at fandom
Pairing:the Javeh of the Affie
Rating:NC-17 because it's pretty much PWP
Summary:VMAs, Davey and Jade backstage. Basically...behind the scenes at the VMAs.
Notes:Hahaha, I've gotten death threats about finishing this fic. It has been a really fucking long time since I started it and since I updated on it, and I decided that instead of starting a new little fluffic, I would just finish this one. This is part one. I'll post part two later tonight and try to finish the rest of the story today. everyone who has waited for this story. I'm sorry I procrastinate. <3

"Do you not like it?"

"I didn't say that..." I responded, adjusting my body under
Davey's. I hate being held down, and Davey knows that. Davey always
knew exactly what he was doing. "It's just...we've got to get back
there. I know it's almost back from commercial. And our category is
coming up..." I reached to my collarbone to rub the spot where Davey
had just bitten down. He absolutely loved to bite me. Any chance he
got. Including a bathroom break at an awards show. He snatched my hand
back and laced his fingers through mine.

"What if I told you that Hunter and Adam can accept the award,
as long as you let me..." his voice trailed off as his face lowered
to my neck again. I felt his tongue snake out and lick at my throat.
The second he started the sucking again, I knew there would be no
stopping him.

"Come on, Davey. We have all night..." I reminded him. He was
straddling me in our posh little dressing room on this red velvet
couch. He looked up at me with this adorable pout. I wanted to bite
his bottom lip off.

"But..." he protested, resting more comfortably on top of me.
He rocked his hips to punctuate the word. My hands gripped the plush
material of the couch, unbelieving that he was actually doing
this to me here. He knows how seductive he is. He rode me now
with more of a pace, his dainty little fingers touching my lips and
invading my mouth. His hair had gotten so long over the summer...a
mane of pure black flowed down his back and over his shoulders.
Gorgeous. He grinded down on me, not letting me for even a second
pretend I wasn't turned on.

I knew what he was doing, what he was imagining was happening
right now: he was pretending he was a woman and that I was deep
inside of him, fucking him. I layed my head back, watching him ride
me, enjoying it much more than he would ever know. He was such a little
temptress, all he needed was a garter belt, deadly spiked heels, and
red lipstick. Hmmm..maybe I can get him to try that later...

He was rapidly approaching an orgasm, using this dry hump to
its fullest potential. Helping him live in his fantasy, I reached up
under his shirt and took his pecs in my hand, fondling them, rubbing
the nipples, pretending that he had full, firm breasts. His mouth fell
open, throwing his head back, his bottom lip quivering with his
movements. I didn't want to come because I wanted to watch him do it.
I moved my hands to his hips, loving the feel of his muscles moving
above me. I ran them back to his ass, just letting him fuck me,
letting him get off, enjoying the view.

"Oh, oh, oh, OH..." came his little cries, each
one getting louder and louder. His movements completely stopped, and
he froze above me, letting his orgasm course through his body.
He started to whimper, making me wonder if he was crying. He
looked down at me finally, his eyes barely open.

"Christ.." he whispered, taking in one deep breath after
another. I bit my lip to keep from smiling, pulling him to me, letting
him fall against me, his hair all around us. "That was so deep that I
didn't even come." Damn, he was good.

"Good," I replied, lifting up his head just enough to allow
me to place a kiss on his lips. "We'll do it together later. Let's
go, okay?" He nodded tiredly, following me out of the room, fumbling
for my hand.

We won. We actually fucking won. Holy shit. Hunter was ready to jump out of his skin, and I could barely breathe. And when I can barely breathe, my voice jumps at least 7 octaves when speaking. As you know. Alas.
Davey's eyes were positively shining. He was trying to pretend that, yes he was excited, but not overly so. Oh, but he was. He pressed against my back as we left the stage and I felt it. I felt his cock grinding into my ass and I felt his heart thumping out of his chest. He was fucking excited.
I turned to face him, to grin at him. "We won!" I whispered to him, running a hand through his hair and letting it rest on his cheek, our eyes interlocked. Tears sprung to his eyes then, grinning at me so wide that it hurt my face. He pulled me off to the side into a dark area, pressing his lips hard against mine, using those beautiful hands to tug me closer to him, to press our hips together, to grind against me again. I completely gave into him, not caring anymore, so elated that I could have died in that moment. I let my tongue drift into his mouth, feeling him moan around it, accept it hungrily, hands fluttering to my hair and shoving fingers through. He broke the kiss and licked down my face, across my chin, down to my neck where he took up residence once more, sucking and biting gently. I moaned this time, rocking my hips against his, our hipbones fighting each other, battling, only managing to bruise each other deliciously. I pressed my cock flat against his and heard him cry out, flicking my tongue teasingly in his mouth, making him suck on it eagerly, breathing in pants.
I pulled away from Davey quickly and spun around to face Adam, who was beet red. I grinned at him guiltily, my hands reaching back to pull Davey close to me, sighing quietly when I felt his body press to mine and his arms encircle my waist, resting his chin on my shoulder.
Adam grinned back at me, shaking his head a little. "Interviews, rest of the awards, pictures...come on. You should know this," he scolded us, smiling unending, attempting to seem exasperated, but only succeeding in making Davey let me go gently and going to Adam, taking him in a deep hug. Adam relented and hugged Davey back, kissing him on the cheek as he let him go.
"Thank you for everything, Adam," he said softly. "You have always been there for me, and I am so grateful for you." Adam smiled at him, shaking his head modestly before his face brightened again, hopping in place.
"WE WON!!!" he exclaimed, letting Davey go, pouncing me, throwing his arms around my shoulders in a sloppy version of his and Davey's hug. I picked him up and spun him around, latching onto him then, lifting him off the ground and running out into the open, out into the throng of people, forcing them to jump back, to gasp at us, to roll their eyes. Like I cared. He was laughing like a maniac then, face redder than before as I set him down in front of a few rap stars. They stared at us, we stared at them.
I walked into Justin Timberlake's house, loathing myself for every step. I glanced over at Davey who seemed as nervous as I was, his hand fluttering beside mine. I wanted to reach over and grab it, hating that I couldn't, making do with stroking his knuckles softly, staring straight ahead as we entered the house, the music almost making my ears bleed, the smell of pot stinging my nose, alcohol everywhere. I didn't want Davey here suddenly, knowing that he was too good for this, that he shouldn't have to be subjected to anything like this. I did reach back for his hand then, ignoring his wide, warning eyes and grasping his hand firmly in my own, ready for anyone to say something to me. Smith walked in front of us, acting as the tiniest, least threatening bodyguard to ever exist. But I felt better somehow, for the presence of his mohawk.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I stood against the wall with my bottle of water, my eyes boring holes into Davey as he talked to Justin Timberlake himself. I was infinitely more in love with him simply because I saw how fucking beautiful he was when standing next to Timberlake. Not that I didn't know before, but it was magnified now about a million times. He folded his arms over his chest, apparently having nothing else to say to Justin, looking away. I caught his eye and he smiled at me, eyes predatory, sauntering over, never breaking the gaze, his smell invading my senses as he leaned his body close to mine, his face buried in my neck. "I want you, Jade," he whispered simply, slipping an arm around my waist, making me gasp quietly.
"Baby.." I tried to reason, knowing full well that I had already lost this battle, looking around for a safe retreat, deciding that upstairs would be the best bet, feeling his little hand latch onto my shirt as I headed for the stairs. We went into a bedroom far enough down the hall that, if anyone else were to use a bedroom, they would pick a closer one. He shoved me into the room, pressing me hard against to door to close it, hands fisting my shirt as he dropped to his knees, pressing his face hard against my crotch, his cheek rubbing my cock.
I couldn't help but buck my hips, practically screaming for more, pleaseGodgivemejustalittlemore, hands grabbing his hair, pulling him closer. "We won, love..." he whispered against me, making me gasp, his fingers now working on my zipper. "And going to fuck you until you can't breathe."
I couldn't only manage an open-mouthed moan at this, my body shivering slightly against him, praying to God that he wasn't going to tease me for long, because I very well could have came right then. "Now, Dave, do it now."

He yanked me over to the bed, this huge, white sleighbed that I was praying wasn't that 'N Sync kid's because I didn't want to catch anything. I didn't really have time to think about that though because Davey was tearing at my belt, growling at it when it slipped from his shaking hands, making me smile. I reached down and pulled it off expertly, sliding it from the loops of my pants and tossing it beside me on the bed. He looked up at me with a lustful smirk before moving those hands back to my pants, yanking at the button, tearing down the zipper and tugging them roughly off my hips. He found out just how much that turned me on when he lifted from jerking my shoes off and saw my cock throbbing in his face, his tiny, surprised pant of breath making me tremble.
I moaned when he licked his lips and leaned forward to press a wet, open mouthed kiss to the tip of my cock. He pulled back almost shyly then, licking his lips harder as he stood up, pulling his shirt over his head. I pulled my own shirt over my head, throwing it somewhere, probably on a Grammy or something, one of my hands sliding down my stomach of its own accord, wrapping around my dick, stroking firmly but idly as I watched those liquid muscles of Davey's chest as his arms returned to his side, his fingers working on his own pants. He watched me for a long moment, kicking off those pants and his shoes in one movement, those pale fingers wrapping around his own cock, pushing and pulling on that hard flesh, his eyes intent on my own moving hand. I couldn't help but moan again, softly this time, just watching him, devouring this sight, that full, red little mouth open and panting, the ghosting movements of the muscles in his arm as he jerked himself off, the rise and fall of that beautiful chest as he whimpered, moving forward, pressing the tip of his cock against my own.
"OhfuckDave." I closed my eyes, stroking myself faster, unable to look at him anymore because I knew I wouldn't last much longer if I did. I felt my cock twitch against my palm the very second I heard Davey's voice, felt that hand now on my leg, giving it a gentle smack.
"Get up, Jade. On your knees. Face the headboard."
My eyes flew open to see those black eyes wild and blinking, his hands now fluttering over me, trying to get me to move without touching me, knowing that would only turn me on more. I nodded as much as I could as I let go of my cock, scurrying up the bed, facing the head of the bed, my fingers wrapping around the cherry wood, breathing like I had just ran a marathon. I felt the weight of his tight little body on the bed behind me, felt his hands come up and cup my ass, massaging the cheeks as he licked at my neck, biting at it. I cried out, my neck already tender from his feasting earlier that night, my back arching instinctively, pressing harder into those hands.
"Can I taste you, Jade? Will you give me that?" I felt those pristine white teeth scraping over my neck, biting at my choker that he always insisted I wear because it gave him a reason to pay attention to my neck. I honestly didn't think he needed a reason. He did it anyway.
I whimpered, my hands tightening on the headboard, bracing for the piercing teeth into my neck as I nodded, licking my lips, my heart skipping anticipation. He gripped my ass harshly the same moment he bit down hard, harder than he usually does, those sharp eyeteeth breaking through my flesh, making me grit my teeth to keep from screaming.
He moaned against my neck, that soft tongue lapping at the wound, his lips closing around it, breathing hard as he sucked ravenously, his hands moving from my ass to wrap around my waist, pulling me back against him, those perfect hips grinding into me. I arched farther, moving my head to one side to get him more room for the next bite, feeling that pulsing cock pressing against my ass, teasing me, reducing me to soft whimpers, to trembling gasps.
"Mmmmm, such a good boy, Jade. Beg for it. I want to hear you scream it," he breathed hotly against my neck, tongue out, scouting for the next place to mark me, always overlapping the first bite to make it hurt more. I almost collapsed if not for his arms, those beautiful, powerful arms, holding me up, running loving, tender fingers over my stomach. I whimpered even louder, grinding farther back against him, my spine curling and arching, showing off for him, letting him see that delicate dip. I felt his forehead against the back of my neck, felt his breath hot down my neck as he watched me, those hands moving to my hips, helping me grind against his cock.
"Fuck me, baby, please. Please," I somehow managed to pant, my eyes fluttering open, feeling one of those hands move from my body, feeling the tip of his dick slide between my cheeks, pressing against me, taunting, sliding in just barely.
"I said scream it, Jade."
I was almost in tears for this, almost faint from want, swallowing thickly as my eyes closed again. His mouth once again returned to my neck, teeth grazing, godmybeautifulvampire, his hand gripping my hip hard, keeping me still, pressing it just a little farther. "GOD, please fuck me!" I sobbed, my voice trembling but pleading, feeling him shove hard into me, biting down fiercely on my neck, making me scream, blood-curdling, hoarse, raw.
"FUCK, Dave, jesuschrist." Hot tears fell down my cheeks as he stabbed into me, sucking hard on my neck, making me fall forward against the headboard. His arms found my waist once again, holding me, keeping me on this earth as he slammed into me so hard I think I blacked out. I know I did when he slammed against my prostate, my head falling back against his shoulder, that mouth still latched onto my neck as if my blood gave him oxygen. He moaned against my neck, barely heard over the slap of our skin, that solid pounding of the headboard.
I couldn't help but picture how he must look right now, those hips working, that ass tight and clenched, that hair a damp mane down his back. It took me all of five seconds to overpower him, to push him back, to feel him slid out of me, to turn and lift those legs onto my shoulders, to almost smile at his shocked face as I slammed into him, shoving my mouth against his to swallow that piercing scream that tore up his throat. He sucked on my tongue, pacified as I ripped into him. I couldn't help it. That body required it that night. He crossed his feet around my neck as I lifted most of his body off of the bed, his shoulders digging into the expensive comforter as I thrusted down into him, forcing our mouths away from each other.
He would have been glaring up at me if not for his ragged cries, his nails digging hard into my shoulders, his head thrown back in pure ecstasy. I reached down, smoothing that tangled mass of hair away from his face, curling my spine once again, this time to press kisses to his hairline, soft kisses that stood in stark contrast to the violence of my hips, to me impaling him, to the exhalted moans tumbling from my lips. I slid a hand between our bodies, wrapping slippery, sweaty fingers around his weeping cock, stroking him almost painfully hard, giving him just enough time to choke on a scream as he came, his hips bucking up towards me, gasping in breath after gulping breath.
I couldn't last a second longer with him clamped down so hard on me, that tight ring of muscle driving me down into orgasm, pressing as far inside of him as I could so that it didn't burn him as I came, unable to make a sound because I had no breath in my body, no air coming in or leaving. Everything I was or could think about was emptying inside of Davey, was spending with him, rocking with him, being clutched in his trembling arms as he panted out his delicate cries, trying so hard to defy the muscles of his legs, to pull me down against him.
I was shuddering so hard that I could barely keep my hands still enough to tug his legs down from my shoulders, feeling them wrap desperately around my waist as soon as they could, those shaking arms clinging to me, those swollen lips pressing kisses to my face, my neck, burying himself against me, trying to speak. I collapsed down fully on him, my hips still, keeping pressed firmly inside of him as I stroked his hair, trying to calm him, to ease him down from this.
"IloveyouJadeloveyousomuchgodIloveyou." I nuzzled his face up to meet mine, those impossibly dark eyes searching my own so frantically, so lovingly. I kissed him softly, breathing into his mouth, trying to give him air, to calm his heart, my heart fluttering when he sighed against my lips, taking up suckling on my tongue again, melting beneath me.
I didn't care whose fucking house we were in, who my brother was warring with downstairs, didn't care if we remembered to lock the door or not. What mattered was the man trembling beneath me, filled with my blood, my come, my love.

And Smith could take all those people downstairs. One hand behind his back.

First post, yay! I hope you like it, Jay. ^^
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