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Don't Knock It

...unless you can write at least half as good as us

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This community was created "tooooo ummmm encourage you to write more to keep Dana content."

Don't Knock It [DKI] is a non-profit site involving fictional stories [mostly] about real people, in bands. We do not make any money off of these stories. We do not claim to have any affiliations with the people we write about. We do not claim that any of the events in our stories are even slightly based on truth. We do not write to offend anyone, or to insinuate anything about these musicians. THIS IS ALL PURELY FOR OUR OWN AMUSEMENT. sopleasedontsueus

Are you amused too? Good. Then join our community. Members must first be authorized by me, but once authorized you can post anything you like related to the topic that brings us all here. Bandslash. So join, leave us your stories, challenges for people in the community, or story recommendations. Or whatever else.

That's all I can come up with. It's 3 AM. Peace, bitchez.

- Nihilism

Another thing: If you're one of those people who write ONLY about Good Charlotte and Mest, and don't even do it well [you know who you are], then please stick to one of the millions of GC/Mest fiction communities and stay out of ours. Nothing against those bands, really, but the writers who are associated with them tend to rewrite the same story over and over and do it pretty horribly. We want quality work here, thanks.