Nihilism (leecherous) wrote in dki_bitchez,


To the home of the DKI Bitchez and all their mindless rambling, along with various asshole friends whoweloveverydearlyofcourse. A quick Fuck You. I mean F-A-Q.

+ What's DKI? A website with dirty gay porn on it. Go here or here for a more detailed description.

+ Who're the Bitchez? Everyone who writes for DKI, and then some. Pretty much anyone who's part of this community.

+ How do you become one of the Bitchez? Contact Nihilism, by either leaving a comment at _asking_for_it or emailing her at Prove you're rad and she'll hook ya up.

+ Why do ya wanna be one of the Bitchez? Cuz the Bitchez own everyone's ass. And also because it doesn't matter what you do in this world, someone's always going to persecute you for some undefined flaw that you may or may not have, so you may as well stand up and be proud of your fucking flaws and live with no regrets because the only world that really exists is the one you create for yourself. And at least we have fun.
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